Tuesday, September 3, 2013

One, Two, Three, Come Count with Me!

Super excited to share this new unit I have created for Number Operations and Base Ten! I was totally inspired to create this unit not just for my students, but for my the conversation I had with my boyfriend. We were watching Cartoon Network and just finished watching our favorite shows, Adventure Time and  Regular Show, when he said, "Our kids are reduced to watching these types of shows. Remember when the shows were more educational!" Of course you have to know I was like well DUH!!!! So, I have created this unit based after The Count off of Sesame Street! As a child, I remember watching him always counting like this, "One, Two, Three, Count with me!"
Check out the video link below to remember what it use be like: 

Also, check out my unit too! 
(The link is at the bottom of the images.)