Monday, October 14, 2013

Tasting, Tallies, Tables with Apples!

During the month of September, we learned about the life cycle of an apple and Johnny Appleseed. 
We also had a wonderful day tasting all things apple. We all tasted apple sauce, cinnamon apple sauce, Red Delicious Apple, Yellow Golden Apples, Granny Smith Apples, Apple Juice, Apple Cider, and the class favorite hot 
Apple Pie!

Check out our Apple Day Celebration of tasting, tallies, tables, and graphing!

Most of them loved the Cinnamon Apple Sauce! They raved and told me it was delicious! One little girl told me it was too spicy! 

One of my 8 boys love drinking apple sauce, he kept begging for seconds and thirds. 
If you are LOVING this awesome clipart you should totally check out:

After we tasted, tallies, tally tables, completed our picture graphs we then collected the data in groups and put it in our math interactive notebooks.

I just loves how it brightens up our first grade hallway. You can find this unit that also includes word problems and writing at

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